1. Banking on Loyalty

Banking on Loyalty
Ochre on Banking

The recent downturn in the global economy has had financial brands in their fallout shelters seeking solely to weather the financial storm. Now those clouds of uncertainty are clearing, we’re seeing those that survived rear their heads to tentatively assess the market around them. What they’re finding is a new landscape, a market fundamentally changed yet full of opportunity for those that are malleable enough to adapt and embrace it.

The crisis left has people sceptical of their PFSP (preferred financial service provider’s) credibility. So, especially within the MENA region we are seeing depositors move their money to larger, ‘safer’ providers (or home) to the detriment of smaller local banks. In the UAE alone “the top four players hold 54% of the market share”. ‘Credibility’ and ‘trust’ are now top drivers in customers’ minds when selecting an institution within which to deposit their hard-earned cash.

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Adam Nash
Creative Director (Experience)