Ochre x F37 Foundry

Two new typefaces inspired by Dubai and its spirit of connections

Introducing Malqa and Majnoon, two new typefaces designed by Ochre in collaboration with F37 foundry. Originally created as concepts for District 2020 (the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai), these typefaces were developed to be part of the brand’s core identity, capturing the spirit of an innovation district that brings together investors and global talent under one collaborative environment.

District 2020 later got renamed to Expo City Dubai with a new brand and purpose. We however continued the work with F37 and realised the concepts as two fully developed ready to use fonts in Latin and Arabic.


Introducing ‘Malqa,’ a new typeface that celebrates the spirit of connections, uniting people and ideas in unique ways. Inspired by the city of Dubai, a vibrant melting pot of cultures, Malqa is a bold, innovative, confluence of style. Its Arabic and Roman letterforms, break traditional molds, showcasing an unprecedented interplay of shapes and angles that symbolise the dynamic interactions between individuals and communities. It represents the cutting-edge spirit of a city where diverse perspectives converge, sparking unparalleled creativity and limitless possibilities.

Showcasing this spirit of connections, we wanted to highlight the connecting element within each letter form, making a feature of it. Being an innovation district, we felt the construction could be quite edgy and brutalist in approach, juxtaposing and merging elements unapologetically. Although not the first time seen in Latin faces, the exercise was in some sense innovative when translated to Arabic, resulting in some interesting letter forms not seen before.

F37 Malqa comes in seven styles. Explore type specimens, test and purchase the the font here.


Introducing Majnoon, a font that captures the youthful exuberance and cultural amalgamation of the Middle East, with a special nod to the vibrant spirit of Dubai. Although the name Majnoon means ‘crazy’ in Arabic, it has evolved colloquially to describe anything wildly astonishing or audaciously unconventional. In Majnoon, the Arabic and Roman letters were designed hand-in-hand, echoing Dubai’s fusion of heritage and innovation. Majnoon is a tribute to a city where the daring energy of the youth shapes the present, where the sands of tradition blend seamlessly with the waves of tomorrow.

A key element of the typeface was that it somehow had to feel born out of the Middle East region. The most direct way for us to do this was aesthetically; taking cues from Arabic scripts and finding interesting ways for these elements to be implemented into our own typeface whilst retaining legibility and functionality.

F37 Majnoon comes in seven styles. Explore type specimens, test and purchase the the font here.