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LBS visits Ochre

London Business School (LBS) visited Ochre to understand how creativity and design can help organisations to solve business challenges in today’s competitive environment. Citing instances from its case studies, Ochre offered insights on how design thinking can create purpose and impact, resulting in delivery on a diverse set of business objectives.

The week-long trip, part of the UAE International Assignment titled ‘Creating a Modern City’, revolved around understanding the economic and social development of Abu Dhabi and Dubai and their future as leading business hubs of the region. Ochre used the two cities as an archetype for extraordinary growth; whose history could help understand the rise of similar growth models across the globe.

Through a Q&A session with Executive MBA students, the Ochre partners threw some light on processes that riddle those unfamiliar with business culture in the Middle-East, helping them realize the practical implications of starting a new business in Dubai and a few smart approaches to tackling region-specific challenges. They also went about sharing the opportunities that arise for companies with a unique offering such as Ochre and emphasized the need for breaking out of the norm.