360 ONE

Performance Plus


360 One, formally known as IIFL Wealth and Asset Management, is India’s leading wealth and asset manager.

Although, their old brand served them well for the past 13 years, market research suggested that there was an opportunity to create clarity as to who they are and what they do.

In a fast growing market, IIFLWAM wanted to demonstrate their confidence about the future, go direct to their clients and raise the profile of the firm. From a business point of view, IIFLWAM wanted to create a brand focusing on two things what make them special:

The close-knit relationships they hold with their clients + The performance they deliver for them.


IIFLWAM used to talk about themeselves and their expertise but the clients, we interviewed, talked to us about performance and relationships. It emerged that performance for clients is more than just numbers. It is also different for every client.

The current name and identity caused confusion with other businesses and didn’t capture the dynamic spirit of the firm.

We suggest to put the focus of the story on what matters to clients and captured this under the phrase “Performance Plus” which became the brand purpose for the new brand.

Our extensive naming exercise, resulted in a new name that states the firms approach to service: 360 ONE.

A graphic language that breaks conventions

The brand had to embody the company’s modern and youthful energy, while also conveying a sense of reliability, transparency, integrity, and intelligence. It needed to distinguish itself from competitors and establish itself as a leader in the industry.
The new name provided an excellent foundation for creating a highly dynamic and disruptive solution that would challenge the status quo in an industry known for its stagnant and uninteresting nature. This solution would shift the paradigm and shake things up within
the industry.

Highly dynamic and experiential

The new brand has been designed with digital application and flexibility in mind.

From a brandmark that rotates, conveying their 360° holistic approach to servicing clients to animations that help communicate and emphasise the ‘Performance’ and ‘Plus’ elements of the visual language.

Coupled with its own unqiue sonic identity, the brand is future-proof, leading the way in financial sector branding throughout India and beyond.

A glipmse ito the lives of the person that matters the most

Photography showcases the people that work at 360 ONE and the clients that they service.

In many cases, anonymity is of upmost importance. This has been achieved via creative use of crops and the utilisation of a fluted glass effect which in turn links back to the vertical bars of financial charts.

Leaving an impression with sound

The sonic identity helps to communicate the brand in a emotive and effective way. It has a strong percussive foundation which is supported by softer upbeat tones, whilst representing the ethos of the brand “Performance Plus”, with a strong and commanding, confident beat with warm and human sounds.


“Your partnership has truly been a fantastic experience. Loved each part of our various interactions… Thank you for the tremendous ownership, passion and creativity that each of the Ochre team brought to the table.
We are excited and proud of the outcome and look forward to the journey ahead.”

Anshuman Maheshwary, Chief Operating Officer, 360 ONE

The new brand is a significant move for the firm, as it signals a shift in the company’s focus and direction.
The new name and brand identity finally reflects the company’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to wealth management, with a focus on delivering 360 degrees of support and service to clients.
The rebranding also helped the company to better align with its values and mission, and to better communicate its brand proposition to clients and stakeholders. Data shows, that the new brand has already had a positive impact on the company, helping it to stand out in a crowded and competitive market, and to better connect with its target audience.