Aga Khan 360°

Explore, Engage, Exchange


360 is a programme by the Aga Khan Foundation UK which takes a small group of people on a journey of adventure and personal discovery to witness the impactful work of the Aga Khan Development Network and to immerse themselves in a new culture. The Aga Khan Foundation UK approached Ochre to develop the new brand and experience. 


Working closely with the foundation on previous projects we knew that The Aga Khan Foundation is highly regarded even beyond the Ismaili community but its very professionalism can make it seem a little remote for most people and institutional. The brand identity itself was geared to show a more approachable side of the foundation and whilst doing this create a sense of dynamism and excitement. 


The program was a blazing success with applications surpassing available spaces. The foundation itself also saw an increase in donations and is planning to expand the initiative further.