Birla Opus

Beauty makes life better


Traditionally, Indian households prioritized functionality over aesthetics when envisioning their homes. However, this mindset is shifting, with consumers increasingly embracing the importance of aesthetics in paint choices. They are becoming more engaged in exploring paint options and less reliant on contractors for guidance.

Despite this growing interest, the process of painting is still perceived as painful, even a “necessary evil” by some. Consumers seek inspiration from various sources, including friends, family, Pinterest, and Instagram, yet they crave more support to bring their thoughts to life and reduce their anxieties.

Unfortunately, existing paint brands in India fall short in providing this much-needed assistance. They remain focused on product features and rely heavily on celebrity endorsements for communication. Consequently, relationships with these brands are predominantly transactional, lacking the depth needed to truly understand and cater to consumers’ evolving needs.


ABG is revolutionizing the realm of paint and color to cater to the evolving needs of a new India. Birla Opus is a manifestation of ABG’s commitment to providing superior paint solutions to India. Birla Opus is set to challenge the status quo in the paint industry, empowering Indians to envision their homes in innovative ways and instilling confidence in the use of paint and color.

Birla Opus embodies the spirit of modern, aspirational India – youthful, dynamic, and optimistic. It is a brand that resonates with those seeking simplicity, relevance, and distinctiveness in their paint choices. With Birla Opus, ABG aims to inspire a new generation of homeowners to reimagine their living spaces and embrace the transformative power of paint and color.


Opus, derived from the Latin “Magnum Opus,” signifies a magnificent work of art—a timeless masterpiece. It encourages us to embrace our creativity and transform our surroundings into our very own Opus, inspiring individuals to craft their unique spaces.

Bringing the brand to life through products

It was important for the packaging to carry as much life and personality as the rest of the brand.

Using the ‘blobs’ from the graphic language as semi-circles that could either hold the logo, content, or both; we created packaging, that was functional, instantly aligned with the brand, and brought an element of playfulness to the packaging.


“Birla Opus is poised to transform the paint industry with a 40% increase in capacity. No paint company has ever launched globally in one go – factories, operations, products and services – to the extent that we are approaching now”

Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman, Aditya Birla Group

The new brand positions Birla Opus as a serious contender in the Indian paint market, taking advantage of the resources and financial power of a storied conglomerate, whilst also embodying a start-up mentality through dynamism, audacity and a desire for market distruption.