Circular Economy In Action


Ciclo is a water and wastewater treatment equipment supplier. The start-up provides numerous, cost effective solutions for potable water, process water, industrial and municipal wastewater applications.

The start-up envisions urban communities transformed into environment friendly smart cities that recycle and reuse 100% of the water they consume. Their ambition is to bring industry leading technologies to projects and endusers in the Middle East and Africa Regions.

In order to raise awareness and deliver on their ambitions, the two founders reached out to Ochre to help them build a unique brand that could stand out in a cluttered market.


We’ve identified that becoming a leading provider of water, wastewater, sludge management, and digital solutions for treatment plants would create a huge opportunity not only for the company but also a more sustainable world. The newly formed company could contribute to the circularity of the water cycle and reduce the environmental footprint of large urban communities.

It became clear that the start-up needed a name that besides being unique, captured this very notion: Our recommendation of ‘ciclo’ resonated with all stakeholders of the organization and was chosen as the new company name.

We subsequently developed a visual system that illustrates the fundamental aspects of the company; an expression that is engineered, conveys sustainability and is innovative in its approach.


“We loved your out-of-the-box-thinking and your creativity behind the concept sold it to us. It was great to see that the creative was perfectly aligned with our objectives.”

Roland Mueller, CEO, ciclo

Although still being in its infancy, ciclo is already seeing great traction in the Middle Eastern and African markets.