District 2020 – Experience Hub

The Future of Expo 2020 Dubai


In case you missed it, the World Expo finally landed in Dubai. What you may not have known is that the Expo site itself, its urban planning, architectural wonders, infrastructure and transportation assets were designed from the ground up, with a lasting legacy in mind.

When Expo 2020 Dubai draws to a close in March of 2022, the site will formally become District 2020 – morphing from a pavilion-laden mega-event to a “human-centric, future city” – designed to enable a “smarter, more balanced way of life” by integrating some of the Expo 2020 Dubai sites’ smartest assets. In doing so, Dubai’s newest district seeks to attract innovative start-ups and nimble multi-national firms in equal measure, to create what they are calling their “Innovation Ecosystem”.


To help communicate how exactly this urban metamorphosis will take place, we worked with District 2020 to distill the facts and weave them through a purpose-built space that conveys just this and how you, as a curious resident, visitor, investor or entrepreneur, might capitalise on it. We created an experiential space on the ground floor of the (supremely located) Rove hotel on the Expo site. The space leverages an array of cutting edge and (cleverly applied) conventional technologies to help tell this tale of transformation and deliver the vision and reality that will become District 2020.


Since the opening, the space has already attracted a vast amount of curious visitors and potential partners, who have shown interest in becoming a part of the districts’ innovation ecosystem.