Dubai Holding – Cityscape Global

Laying the Bedrock of Success


Cityscape Global 2016 was Dubai Holding’s most successful presence at the fair to date. We helped Dubai’s most high-profile investment conglomerate take a decisive step back into the public eye and cement their rightful position as the backbone behind Dubai’s economic diversification and ongoing success. 

Building on 2016, Ochre were again appointed to both help further bolster Dubai Holding’s position as a “one-of-one” business, an organisation without peers and to continue to widen the gap between their competitors and their Cityscape neighbours. Our message remained bold and concise, “we’re diversifying the economy of Dubai away from oil “For the Good of Tomorrow for all that reside in Dubai and the wider UAE”. 

We set about conveying this mandate of economic diversification through a carefully crafted communication agenda and messaging hierarchy deployed through a design system that showcased Dubai Holding’s brand but also its strong subsidiary brands, each with their own brand identity, ideals and expressions. Bold and informative infographics were strategically located around the space, aligned to key thoroughfares. 

In 2017 we also welcomed the debut participation of d3 (Dubai Design District) and helped bring to life their unique positioning, one centred around design-centric urban culture and entrepreneurship. We did so through a spirited visual language and material pallet that and engaging artisanal activations.