Majid Al Futtaim

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Cityscape 2015

Every year the Career Fair opens its doors to thousands of Emirati graduates and professionals, seeking opportunities to kickstart their careers. Conceived in 2001 to empower UAE nationals and support the Emiratisation initiative, the event strives to bring talented UAE nationals to meet directly with recruiters and hiring managers from top employers from both private and public sector. Whilst there is a lot on offer with grand showcases of company assets, milestones, achievements, all the employment and training opportunities, little effort is made to deliver this content in an easy to palate, engaging manner. 

From meeting employers, gathering market information, sourcing new training opportunities, attending workshops and seminars, navigating this field of information can be a rather daunting and overwhelming experience, especially for the graduate fresh out of university. Tasked with cutting through this noise, we set out to identify what opinions our audience trusted most. It came as no surprise that people want to hear those they can identify with, rather than a dispassionate corporate voice. Much like how we’d rather read reviews than sales spiels. 



Our approach therefore, was to place people at the heart of the experience. We cut all corporate messaging and instead replaced them with testimonials from the actual DP World and Jafza employees, accurately portrayed with name and designation. As one traversed a shouting clutterland of exhibition stands, it was impossible to miss the large striking faces of the DP World employees. In short we let the people do the talking.

A subtle nod to the operating industry, our central idea ‘Shipping Chic’ is where industrial success progress meets human progress. From shipping containers and pallets to the bold,  vibrant graphic language of nautical flags, all manifest a style through our pavilion design; as we tell the stories of the brand, its people and its initiatives.

Cityscape 2016

As we set out to evoke and inspire on one level, we also had to inform in equal measure. From showcasing numerous programs and initiatives and to the impact the companies have had on the UAE and world at large.  In an effort to make this information easily accessible we created a number of unique activations across the pavilion to deliver content in a fun and engaging way. 

Realising how impact can be hard to visualise, especially if they are measured in cubic feet and metre square, we set out to showcase real world impact with objects one can associate with. The height of Burj Khalifa for example. The use of augmented reality(AR) not only made this a fun exploration for visitors but also helped DP World reinforce its identity as a technologically sound company of the future.

MAPIC 2016

We took this a step further by creating a self help hub at the heart of the pavilion. A Myers Briggs personality test accompanied by an interactive decision tree ensured visitors could not only explore opportunities and apply for positions but also understand where they might fit with the organisation.