Roxy Cinemas

Beyond Movies


When Dubai based developer Meraas started operating the cinemas in their destinations, they needed to set themselves apart. Despite being popular culture in the UAE, going to a cinema was never considered more than watching the latest blockbuster. 


Meraas approached Ochre to create a brand that could reposition the existing Reel cinemas and enable rapid growth.
The start of our work was to look at the clients existing research. It became clear that the opportunity lied in reframing the cinema visit. Watching cinema goers we found that the film was merely one part of a bigger social event involving friends or family. 

The visual identity and overall language was built on these insights and subsequently used to create a range of signature moments from digital, physical and beyond, all geared towards creating an exceptional experience.


“I believe it was by far the most well crafted
brands we have ever developed.”

Abed Bibi, Chief Marketing Officer, Meraas

Shortly after launch of the new brand, the flagship venue “The Roxy” at Boxpark, which boasts a boutique hospitality concept saw an unseen increase in footfall and the time visitors spent there and within the wider development. Meraas has rolled out Roxy Cinemas across all of their destinations and considers it as its most important strategic anchor to drive visitor numbers.