India Deserves Better


Spectra is a ten-year old company, rated by Netflix as India’s fastest fibre to home internet service provider. This is an independent company born in the 21st century, with young, entrepreneurial and ambitious owners who envision a future for India, never imagined before. In their quest to further improve broadband services in a competitive market, Spectra approached Ochre.

Forming a backdrop to re-positioning the brand are a number of factors including:

1. India’s huge population base is Internet hungry. But it’s a country in which broadband is broken; it’s complicated, substandard, archaic and no one has enough focus on it to make it great. Fast, unlimited broadband and better service is a human right.

2. The average internet speed stands at 4.1 Mbps and only 2, 80,000 people in India have access to a high-speed fibre optic connection

3. Competitors, mainly incumbents are big players but tend to not be user-friendly, often imposing caps and hiding behind small print.

In the 21st century, life is about “Roti, Kapda, Makan aur Broaband” (“Food, Clothes, House and Broadband”). Spectra is well placed to grab the opportunity and show customers that it already offers a good service but also the company recognised the need to evolve to become even more amazing and focused on customers’ needs both now and in the future.

The strategy, brand and creative execution all needed to communicate this evolution and the company’s expansion across several cities. and to stand out as a new, exciting alternative to the industry’s main players – a David to their Goliaths.


We worked in close collaboration with the owners and the executive leadership team to co-create an approach to re-thinking the brand and the organisation.

In the addition to spending time understanding the business and the wider industry, Ochre used the same kind of approach that most advanced West Coast tech players are familiar with, deploying design- thinking and ethnographic research techniques. In practice this meant taking great pains to understand the Indian customer (both home and business) and the role that the internet could really play in their lives.

The 11-month process saw a series of workshops devised by Ochjre to explore a range of areas such as road testing the future, designing the brand, imagining the service-design experience, creating the UX and UI experience to simplify the sign-up process, consolidating the brand to operate on only four behaviours, testing and fine tuning the thinking, launch planning through to the product naming and categorisation.


“Our visions and actions have evolved over a decade. It was time to us to bring our look more in line with what we did, as a result we have very crisp, clear, and sharp brand identity”

Udit Mehrotra, MD & CEO, Spectra

The new brand signifies both behind-the-scenes systematic processes, changes, improvements, enhancements and an outward-facing and genuinely customer-centred experience. In effect, the business started to shift from an engineering and product mindset to a marketing and customer-led focus.

Furthermore, the new brand finally embodies Spectra’s disruptive spirit. A cut- through identity, with a custom-made, iconic typeface, designed in collaboration with Rick Banks of F37 formed the basis of a system where typography takes centre stage, so that the brand could stand out and speak to customers in a recognisable, bold and singular way.

Since the launch of the new brand, Spectra has seen a spike in customer numbers and a substantial increase in Net Promoter Scores.