EY wavespace™ Centre

Better Questions For Smarter Solutions


The EY wavespace™ is part of a global network of growth and innovation centres being created by the leading global advisory firm in key locations worldwide. Wavespaces™ are physical, mental and digital places where, together with clients, EY can ask the better questions and explore innovative new ideas and build products and services together.

EY wavespace™ teams bring the right people together and give them the tools and mindset to think differently, deconstruct challenges and develop solutions – faster.

Ochre were contracted to design and build EY wavespace™ Centre Dubai, a landmark collaborative and co-creation space, which opened in November 2018. The wavespace occupies 5,500 square feet in AREA 2071’s state-of-the-art facility in the iconic Emirates Towers.


Our design starting point was to imagine EY were opening a “flagship store” and envisage what that would look like for consumers. The space also had to be highly versatile, so it was important to create a flexible space – but one that was coherent and could be viewed as one.

Another crucial consideration was to focus on making sure the space lived the values of EY, its cerebral insights, global network, and internationally respected expertise and knowledge. As a result, we were very keen to avoid post-modern interpretations, which would create a design of “what yesterday thought tomorrow might look like” or tired perceptions of what a startup might look like, for example, with hipster-style chipboard décor.


The resulting design is on-brand, contemporary and sleek, which mirrors the high-level ethos and values of one of the world’s most respected businesses.